About Me

January 18, 2009


When the night covers the sky with its thick dark blanket,
and all the goodness goes down to sleep,
I see a light inside a cloverleaf.
The mysterious glow shone the sky near it,
It attracted me to feel the light,
I mustn't go near it,
I mustn't touch it.
but the human mind is easily lured,
infected by greed,
I held the leaf in my hand when it started to suck me in.
I fell inside the bunny hole, Alice once told me of.
I fell inside my dream.

I saw the beauty impure of evil,
I saw the angel,i always loved.
she was walking over the soft ground,
flowers falling on her feet.
She was singing the melodies of angelic bliss.
Her presence killed all the sadness in me,
My loneliness, got lost in void.
She smiled at me,
She held my hand.
Took me with her,
Into the enchanted land.

I had longed for her touch,
for many a years,
the 10years old dreams have become reality.
I could feel the happiness,
flooding my veins.
I could smell the wind,
full of dreams.

Her lips felt like heaven,
her heart was mine,
the serenity of her touch,
answered all the questions in my mind.
Of wandering in solitude for so long,
I can finally find myself at peace,
inside the cloverleaf.