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June 9, 2010

A Voyeur

I peeped through a tiny hole,
to unravel a mystery land.
Untouched,innocent, fertile.
I tried many a times
to reach out for it.
But everytime i tried,
it disappeared into thin volatility.

It mocks my desperateness
and laughs on my naked self.
But I'm blinded
by the sweetness that grows,
it lures me to keep on trying,
and I can't refuse.

The florid layers that flow,
beneath the surface of it's evergreen
adds to the surrealistic charm,
Of this enigmatic kingdom.

However,down the deepest layers
where darkness ceases
and life bathes in purity.
The Forbidden Secret lies there.
Beneath it all.

It's glimpse I once had
It was a moment too short
but in awe I stared.
Through the tiny hole I basked.
Into a virginal divinity.
A paradise stretched across horizon
for the tiniest of moments
and before the wonder could grip you
it fluttered away.

I'm tempted to uncover it again.
Discover the wonder that lies within:

I would explore it gently,
scale its dimensions,
and relish the grace of its warmth.
I would share many a desires,
and admire the strange colors it wear.

It was an autumn afterhour
when it came closer.
The wind whispered in my ears.
"Wait. For in haste,the beauty is negated.
And denied."

"I'll bide the time,
under the two Sultry suns.
For soon I shall drink
the essence of the mystic spring
that submerge the Eden of my dreams."

But the cruel Mother of everything.
wrote a divine comedy.
For I waited forever.
And in despair I died.

The omens were heard in the forests,
nobody could ever really conquer.
many a voyages failed,
no one could discover,
No one could intrude.
The enchanted land,
none but death explored.

June 3, 2010

A Dark Night

The night blew off the fragrance of a candle,
as the wind sweeps your body closer.
You try to hide yourself in the darkness,
but it covers you and accentuates your beauty.

You seem ethereal as a virgin dawn.

With the touch of your skin,
everything melts in me.

You slither in my embrace,
as your body sways with the sound of sweetest oceans churning.
Like a river,
I flow inside your subliminal whims.

Breath in breath,
we lie twisted,
grasping each other by the hand.
A delicate emotion fill the volume inside us.

Your legs locked mine,
and in pleasure we dived
into a dream which enveloped us.
Bind us for a moment that felt eternal.

I touch your skin,
brushed off the hair.
I look into your eyes,
I see myself.

A smile slipped off your face.
But I wouldn't mind .
Neither would you.
For we are one now.