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April 26, 2011

Whatever your heart desires

They walked on unparallel directions,
Of greed and repentance.
He the deluded

Two sad souls,
on an unknown boat
Over the ageless ocean
Inseparable but falling apart

They scarred each other's faces
To etch a smile
To make believe of happiness
That never happened.

They'd tear each other
He, with those crafty lies
She, with her darks

They knew the sun would not shine forever
The darker night will kiss their fear.

They knew the master would have the last laugh.

Feared by their ancient mistakes,
They dived into the void,
And swam towards unspoken polarities.

Alike, but now intolerant of each other,
They scaled different worlds.
To wear another face.
To be somebody else.

To be whatever their heart desired.

April 16, 2011

Redemption Tonight

The oceanic moon blooms
The souls would be set free tonight
Said the jail man

They rest in the labyrinth of a wise man's mind
Are they being redeemed of mortal apprentice
Or are they being absolved of wilderness?

Whatever it shall be
They'd be judged tonight.

April 6, 2011

Classroom Woes

Here i sit by the classroom door.
A torn paper and a monochrome board
I look at them with doubt and contempt
Theories written and wisdom spent

But all this has no use for me
For my world lies beyond the classroom walls
Out in open fields and silver stars.

Still the law of man i abide,
I spend my day here under blight
By the classroom door
Facing the monochrome board

Vertical Abyss

Silent oceans draw back the water
and those little men left on the shore
by the estranged mind.
Lonely birds fly towards a distant land
And take the ashes of my past.
To resurrect the division of shadows.
An old man set on a road less travelled
With redemption and grief hung on his shoulder
And a hope to break the limbo he has attained
Destined to fade away
For the bigger cause
The little things I've forgot
In the pretence of attaining oneness
Or maybe for a touch of faith.
With an acceptance of the obsequious
My face is redrawn by them masters.
I the obedient slave.
I the faceless man.