About Me

November 21, 2012

So Long, Love

Remember me,
how we used to be.
Because it's almost dawn
and soon I'll be gone.

And when you'll wake up
from this dream
there won't be me
but a faint memory
of how we used to be.

November 5, 2012

Bloom Within

The walls are grey and growing.
Truth hides behind the veil during sacred rituals.
Bad omen contaminates vision.

The walls are grey and growing
but i've a bucket full of colors.

For the naive mind has set forth 
towards lucidness umpteen.
Beyond the veiled truth
Within the self.

Twisted faces, Fixating addictive habits,
and Delirium grows around i.
While an Old madman resonates rapidly
around the passageways in mind.

But the naive moves on.
Towards omniscience.
where faces speak what they must
and life is devoid of untold hurt

Because there won't be many there.
It's a private conclave
between The Host and The Pilgrim-
I and i.

The journey is difficult
towards this ideal land confined in imagination.
But i've the sun, moon, five senses (which function properly), experiences, hope, will, courage, an extravagant mind

and a naive heart ready to take the plunge
into the great wide yonder.

Within the veil,
where truth is.
Beyond the self,
in the cloisters of I.

Addendum: i and I are personified characters. i is a mortal being, whereas I is the omnipresent energy seen only by an enlightened mind.