About Me

March 23, 2011

Evolve, I

Your desire grows inside I
It annihilates the grandeur thirst.
The surreal kingdom dissolves,
As My separate self evolves.

Why does your palms cross my throat
when my enlighten coruscates
And travel through your human fraility,
As my separate self evolves.

Your compassion glows
through the alleys of universe.
But the dearth of my divine,
only fuels the comfort of lesser men.
Still my separate self evolves.

March 11, 2011

A Benign Sojourn

I felt a little numbness
And a cold wind through the strands of hair
Left free under the blue sky

Did the trees sense my freedom?
Or do they sway like this here all the time?

Flying like the spirited birds,
I flow towards an unknown reality
Where i concur with harmony
And rest my frown beneath the oblivion.

It was my celestial home,
It was my mystic Ithaca.

The All Seeing Eye

Brick by brick we made the walls.
Brick by brick the distances grew.
We never questioned The Master
or His supreme plans.

Today when we sit on either sides
why do u hate those walls,fellow slave?
Why do u wear this dejection
on ur face today?

These walls that binded you
throughout your years of puberty,
shall beget the isolation
which would consume us soon.

Why worry,
Enjoy the divine joke.
Pass on the hat and the hatred alike.

The Plague of Delusion

Yellow streams
The plague of delusion

People drown in sorrow
And hopes that were broken
A trigger etched to click
But faith relents
And presses the snooze button
Would that stomp the mayhem?

That scorn you adorn in the mask.
Did you know about the awakening?
Did they tell you about it long before?