About Me

December 20, 2011


A winter sun
And her lazy mittens
Her neck around your arms
and her legs wrapped around yours.

You could feel affection in her eyes
And in her unknown emotion
That took you beyond herself
When her guards were drawn.

She held you close
Like a part of her own
Inside her. Deep within her
Secured in her embrace

Her silent nothings
That only your eyes heard
And her florid lips
That held onto your deepest fears
and made her own

She gazed at your bare soul
And submerged herself
With your sorrows.
Her breaths played
along your shoulder
like the desires in her mind
Which Echoed like a million raindrops
through her skin and her sighs.

Her name was Scarletta.
We have spent many a nights
She was beautiful than reality.
She was someone I could never find.

October 16, 2011

The Infliktor

The blanket of darkness was being sliced open
I could feel the voice of the wind talking to me.
Asking me if I was certain about the decision.
I solemnly nodded my head
Everything was scripted already
I was sternly directed to perform the ritual
It was for the greater good they would say
And I can't raise my objections
My contract doesn't allow me to.

The leash of the wheels of the motor
And those lights that created shadows
Were held firmly by my driver
Stranger to the events
and the horror
that awaits ahead of him.

I could see dark figures
Chasing us, surrounding us
Trying to break into my body.
I could realize my clarity shaking,
I could feel them succeeding.
Because the voices were closing in
Dissolving into my conscience
Becoming more of me
than I myself am.

The milky white moon was about to hide
behind clouds and grace
For the saga that was about to unfold
Doesn't have witnesses.
The only audience is
The Inflicter
And The Receptor.
Not even silence knows
nothing about it.

I opened my bag.
And took out a violent force
Smeared with proofs of the past
Dripping in lives
that have already been silenced by it
And still wanting eagerly to draw more.

I knew where to strike.
And how to.
I felt myself holding it.
It was an evil force
And it was my obedient servant.

I lifted my tool
and with it
I lifted the mask
off my evil being:
The most bizarre nightmares
flashed in front of me
They felt more real
than anything else
that I've ever experienced.
And an enthralling sensation
ran through my body
As i struck a fearful blow
To break the monotone.
To disrupt the order.

Its this feeling,
That craves me
to perform this act,
of brutality
Every once in a while.
It's this art
That I'm certain
to have proficiency in.
It's this ability
That I'm the master of.

Maybe that's why I was chosen
from everybody else
Who resides within me
who wants to become me.

I walked away from the scene of crime
Taking away the existence of someone
Into the folds of darkness
To disappear.
To seek another game.
But am I really to blame
For this outburst?
Because Im just a puppet
guided by the master
Who lives inside my shadow
Or am I the one living in his?
Could I ever find that out?
Can you help me discover the answers?
Maybe you'd know better.
Maybe you could clear the dilemma.

So wouldn't it be nice
if you could pay me a visit sometime?
Inside those dark alleys
Under the shadows of night
When the white moon shall hide
behind clouds and grace.

October 8, 2011

Of the Prebirth

If you had an orange sun
Rested in your womb

From one essence of life
To the creator of life
Folded within a personal realm
Entwined to be One

And the glow that revolves
Inside your being
is The cradle of time
The fountain of knowing
And you shall be bestowed as
The bearer Of life; Of million dreams

October 3, 2011

An Unwashed Manifesto

It has been born.
The variant faces
inscribed on the minds of our generation.
A reality augmented on our beliefs
and on our dreams.

It is the want of freedom.
It is born now.
Would it die? It can't.
It is not its prerogative to make.

The age long agony awaits to be channelled now.
Devise the path fellow dreamer
and put your best foot forward.
For we see another future.
A future we control;
a future where we shall hold
the power of decision.

October 2, 2011

Death I'm

Have you seen that ocean? Those tides swept me to the shore. You might find it strange but I've been stranded here since a little more than forever. I don't know the exact date when I stepped on this place, things don't stay in my head anymore, I agree. It's been quite some time now for sure though. Along with forgetfulness, my clarity and sense of perception have mellowed with age as well. However, this wheel of time has overlooked my physical demeanor. And I always feel overburdened with my own weight. Trapped inside a young body, I'm an old man with a dying heart.

But I'm somehow able to withhold my sense of smell. And believe in my little button-nose if you can, the air here smells like grief; of unwarranted dreams. It has often clustered my power of realization. That might be the reason why I'm stranded here. On this forgotten island infested with bizarre creatures.

By the divisions drawn on sand,these creatures had trapped me inside their skewed mind. Imprisoned in this maze, I vaguely remember that moment when I had gotten carried away- The madness of life had forced me to choose a simpler route, what now I call The Smart Man's Method. That was the last time I ever felt human happiness. Light relapsed and sound escaped to never come back that day. The world has been drawing towards chaos ever since.

What's that you said?

I highly doubt. Do you actually believe that I'll be granted salvation? The Smart Man's Method leads to this place only. Do you really expect there's redemption? Or existence of any other world except this for that matter? I'm highly skeptical on that matter. But would you really trust the words of a faceless man? Or has my forked tongue really slithered through your ears?

Why don't you rather decide the right path on your own? Wouldn't that be great fun? Why don't you choose The Smart Man's Method? Maybe you'll be able to find out yourself whatever there is in store for you. I anyway need someone quite like you to take my place. Give it a deep thought.

Remember where to seek for me if you have any form of doubts about this place. The doors of my kingdom are always open for those who are betrayed by the Truth and ugliness of life. Like I once was.

I'll be more than pleased to give you my audience.

August 14, 2011

Of A Starry Night

Let’s wander among the stars tonight.
Out there, on an unending journey,
Towards the open sky

Let’s sail through the nectar that procreates life
And reach the absolute center of the universe.
Right in the middle of that workshop
Where both stars and dreams are born 
For they share the same essence
Of stardust and other celestial elements

Let’s persuade the stars
To tell us all the stories
And the secrets they know.

Let’s discover the history of our race
Through their eyes
And smell the fragrance of our prowess
Through their nose.

Let’s break the barriers of physics
And every other worldly law that persists.
Let’s just outwit ourselves
And stretch across the open skies.

Let’s become the universe
And let the universe become us tonight.

July 31, 2011


There is a wonderlight that surrounds you.
There is a wonderlight that shines through your being tonight.

Clasp its million threads in your tiny fists,
Those million dreams that lay within you.
Relish and rejoice in them.

For you're the chosen one.
For your beauty surpasses those of mortals

There is a wonderlight that shines through your being tonight,
For you are the infinite one tonight.


A tempestuous wind
Scour the depths of your face
You see outside
There is no dream
No hope.
Its just nowhere. This place,
Its an unknown gap between two dimensions.
A vast endless portrait of infinite.
An unaccounted space this is,
Forgotten by god and death.

And you have to accept your fate.
this is your hallowed abode,
where you are going to spend the rest of your life.
Distorted, distraught and Alone.
With only silence in tow.

July 23, 2011


We shall meet again
You & I.

By the quiet shores
Or maybe under the shadows,
of ancient trees and clouds.

What calls for the ocassion you enquire?
It is irrelevant to know of the reason
But of intent if you may ask,
Is to retrace the face that I once was.

May 14, 2011

Gentle Tulip Shines

There ain't no sunshine in my eye
But a little rainbow to see me through.
Waiting for this humble overture to set in
before I explore the man within.

The ashes of this divine creation stokes the closer air
As I sat across the man who was never there.
His intangible life lay beneath the veil stretched across my face.

We were two peculiar strangers a while ago.
Now we are closer than those intimate lovers.
An unending road laid in front of us
And our kaleidoscopic desires set the mood right.
A purple vortex and an unknown tangerine sky
All this I saw through my dilated eye.

There have been visions like this before
When the spirit of time has ceased to be
And along with the physics of mortals
It had spun infinite loops.
While I stood aside pardoned of every external force.

With that liberated ease of movement
And the perpetual motion of senses
I stood at the cusp of the infinite.
Ready to burst into thousand
Unbound, Free flowing, bubbles
As I see them dancing in front of me,
travelling through the portals of time and energy at will.

Those bubbles. That man.
The limitless road and a stimulated mind.
Those were the props of an extravagant night.


There is a place inside your head
Where A beautiful kingdom resides
Where imagination intrudes
And takes you through emotional divinity.

The admissible minds
Need to be as wonderful as yourself.
Would you care to let me in?
To share the sacredness?
The world where your beauty showers
Through the infinite realm.
A place like heaven
Inside your head
On earth.
On this scarred world.

May 5, 2011

The Holy Verses

We are the unstable masters of our lives
Who try to grasp reality through a peep hole.
Staring blankly on an otherwise illusive darkness
We take a glimpse of The Primal Truth:
The world of treason fornicate lies
And eats away the righteous minds
But the Trinity smiles with the wind
For it transmutes, One I.

One I, who sees the renegades
And the malice of the land
Eating away man's judgement
of the wrong and right.

One I, dives into the bosom of The Divine Truth
Reaching for the virgin sky and the purity of manhood

One I annihilates our carnal sin.
And sanctify us as holy men
We are purged of our filth
And revel in the presence of the Divine I.

But the circle goes on loop
And the balance is struck just right
Only till the world doesn't fall apart again.
Only till holy intervention is desired again.

It is a rendition of the concept of Maya as described in the holy text, Advaita Vedanta and which has also inspired the most beautiful trilogy in hollywood cinema,The Matrix.


May 1, 2011

A Poor Man's Tale

Separate . voices
Minimalist me
Your ideas differ
We move on

April 26, 2011

Whatever your heart desires

They walked on unparallel directions,
Of greed and repentance.
He the deluded

Two sad souls,
on an unknown boat
Over the ageless ocean
Inseparable but falling apart

They scarred each other's faces
To etch a smile
To make believe of happiness
That never happened.

They'd tear each other
He, with those crafty lies
She, with her darks

They knew the sun would not shine forever
The darker night will kiss their fear.

They knew the master would have the last laugh.

Feared by their ancient mistakes,
They dived into the void,
And swam towards unspoken polarities.

Alike, but now intolerant of each other,
They scaled different worlds.
To wear another face.
To be somebody else.

To be whatever their heart desired.

April 16, 2011

Redemption Tonight

The oceanic moon blooms
The souls would be set free tonight
Said the jail man

They rest in the labyrinth of a wise man's mind
Are they being redeemed of mortal apprentice
Or are they being absolved of wilderness?

Whatever it shall be
They'd be judged tonight.

April 6, 2011

Classroom Woes

Here i sit by the classroom door.
A torn paper and a monochrome board
I look at them with doubt and contempt
Theories written and wisdom spent

But all this has no use for me
For my world lies beyond the classroom walls
Out in open fields and silver stars.

Still the law of man i abide,
I spend my day here under blight
By the classroom door
Facing the monochrome board

Vertical Abyss

Silent oceans draw back the water
and those little men left on the shore
by the estranged mind.
Lonely birds fly towards a distant land
And take the ashes of my past.
To resurrect the division of shadows.
An old man set on a road less travelled
With redemption and grief hung on his shoulder
And a hope to break the limbo he has attained
Destined to fade away
For the bigger cause
The little things I've forgot
In the pretence of attaining oneness
Or maybe for a touch of faith.
With an acceptance of the obsequious
My face is redrawn by them masters.
I the obedient slave.
I the faceless man.

March 23, 2011

Evolve, I

Your desire grows inside I
It annihilates the grandeur thirst.
The surreal kingdom dissolves,
As My separate self evolves.

Why does your palms cross my throat
when my enlighten coruscates
And travel through your human fraility,
As my separate self evolves.

Your compassion glows
through the alleys of universe.
But the dearth of my divine,
only fuels the comfort of lesser men.
Still my separate self evolves.

March 11, 2011

A Benign Sojourn

I felt a little numbness
And a cold wind through the strands of hair
Left free under the blue sky

Did the trees sense my freedom?
Or do they sway like this here all the time?

Flying like the spirited birds,
I flow towards an unknown reality
Where i concur with harmony
And rest my frown beneath the oblivion.

It was my celestial home,
It was my mystic Ithaca.

The All Seeing Eye

Brick by brick we made the walls.
Brick by brick the distances grew.
We never questioned The Master
or His supreme plans.

Today when we sit on either sides
why do u hate those walls,fellow slave?
Why do u wear this dejection
on ur face today?

These walls that binded you
throughout your years of puberty,
shall beget the isolation
which would consume us soon.

Why worry,
Enjoy the divine joke.
Pass on the hat and the hatred alike.

The Plague of Delusion

Yellow streams
The plague of delusion

People drown in sorrow
And hopes that were broken
A trigger etched to click
But faith relents
And presses the snooze button
Would that stomp the mayhem?

That scorn you adorn in the mask.
Did you know about the awakening?
Did they tell you about it long before?

February 13, 2011

Divisions on Parting Sand

A silver noon sky
The tides of a lost ocean
God plays,man listens.


Here is a little Haiku that I came up with recently.

In the divine realm
where her scent surrounds the air,
I found myself.

Image URL : fine art america

January 18, 2011


Now that you've seen
The lady in flesh
swaying with the sound.

Doesn't she shake your desires?

Don't refrain,
revel in the forbidden sin.
She'll take you along,
inside the satin sheets,
and you'll return a happy man indeed.

January 10, 2011

A Summer Delight

She told him with a sly smirk on her face.

A river rumbles in my hair
I need your dream to let her flow.
Find me a basket of cotton
and we shall make snow.

Give me those torn clothes
that lay inside your soul,
we can make green fields with them.

Open your world to me,
I need to color the sky.