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December 18, 2012

Change & It's Repercussions

A demon redeems an unseen dream
under the nose of prying falcons.
Grave sorrow swept on famished land
as his request, The Old Pharaoh grants.

Grey watchdogs resent the unconventional step Old Pharaoh took.
So did ants; a million clones; self-proclaimed messiahs;
Blind Shepherds, who have taken upon themselves to steer 'the lost fireflies' through the night;
slaves of materialism, who balance truth on their own pedestal;
puppeteer & puppets private limited; prejudiced pawns & pansy prawns;
and unshorn brethren with binary vision,want & outlook.
They all cried foul when the demon redeemed the unseen dream.

December 15, 2012


Where did you go?
I was telling you something.
Something about the color of sunshine.
It used to be brighter when you were around.
Somehow, it doesn't seem to look the same anymore.

December 2, 2012

Himalayan Love & Chaos

Trek to Chandratal Lake, June 22,2012

Grey Cloud, Blue Raindrop

When raindrop leaves the cloud,
She consoles him tenderly,

"The will of life is such
That we've to live without each other for a while.
But that doesn't mean I’ll be far from you.
Yearn deeply from your heart
And I’ll be running back to you.

There is no power mighty enough
To keep two lovers apart.

I might be frozen in lakes
Near the glaciers of Himalayan north
For two winters to come.

Or I might be dancing through the night
Along with Beas, Teesta or Chandra
By the corner of a sleepy hamlet

Or I might be engrossed in a world
Completely different than ours.

But all the while
I’ll be biding my time,
To come back to you.

For it is you who complete me
As shadow completes light.

Yes, today we are breathing different air
And keeping different faces
But the only light that shines through me
Illumines from your heart.

It is in your love
That I've found immortality
Of thousands lives

It is in your love
I've witnessed the essence
In the shadows of time.

I'm sure you must wonder
As you wait for my return,
That why would Then I,
Be anywhere else?
But be here
With you bare?

Why would then I,
Stroll the land of hills?
And sing my heart
When you are afar?

I accept the irony of life
But understand me too, love
This is the path we've to walk.

Like a butterfly’s metamorphosis
Our love will bear wings.
Away from one another,
our world will grow
Within you, within me.

Nurture it,
Keep it alive,
In your heart
In your dreams
In your life
As I keep it in mine.

Wish too hard
And I’ll be back
Sooner than later.
In your arms
Through eternity to keep.

For I'm yours-
body, heart & soul.
For this lifetime
And ten thousand more.