About Me

December 22, 2013

Incomplete Verses

A broken leaf, which reminded me of myself as much as you.
An unfinished song.
Few plans, of coloring the sky.
A photo of a foggy winter night.
A smile on my face of finding someone 
who knows the cracks on the wall.
A promise of a painting you'll draw.

These, you've left behind.
Tell me before I close that door,
What shall I do with them?

December 18, 2013


I'm a traveler,
of distances in length
and memories.

I'm a weaver,
of stories untold,

I'm a dreamer,
and all day I dream
of a man living in a green forest
inside a thin cardboard box with 23 pinholes
from where the sun slips in.

I'm the ancient heretic,
for my ideas don't go well with the present world.

I travel,
I dream,
I weave and
I seek out
those, who understand
the beauty, of insanity.

December 9, 2013

A Serenade for the Girl Far Far Away

I don't wanna lie awake,
I want to dream about you,
remember that feeling
to have you in my arms.

I haven't taken off your kiss
from the nape of my neck.
It reminds me of a touch so gentle.
The sweetest gift I could ever have.

I don't have remorse
that you are not here for now.
For there is something
that connects my heart,
to your heart. And I know,
distances in space don't matter,
for you are always close
for you are always in my heart.

Its greater than the strength of will
and all the forces of nature combined together,
the love that I've, for you.
All the memories of us together
stand witness to it.
And 'tis so grand-
it embraces the world around me.

So I don't feel alone.
Cos I got you,
in my mind, in my sight
for tonight;
And for every night that follows.


PS: There is a deep sense of calmness I get in love.