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April 22, 2010

I'm Hades

He: I see patterns of motifs and floral voices.
She: Paint my sins.
He: I paint myself.
She: Would purple be fine?
He: Your tentacles hurt.
She: Swallow your lies.It shall soothe the pain.
He: Should I gulp it down?
She: Chew it gently.
He: Your wings are burnt.
She: Find pleasure in my eyes.
He: I'll drown in your abyss.
She: Sleep before you can feel anything.


Riju said...

Now that I understand it, it is superb! You have great talent! Thanks to the great people you have met (fortunately or unfortunately), your talent is able to surface up!

Ausdrucklos said...

Haha.I learn.
Them experiences have taught me a great deal.

Riju said...

You know, this is my favourite poem!! I like reading it again and again..

Ausdrucklos said...

It is my one of my favorite too!

pramod said...

meaningful narrative.

Mohinee said...

Hey Nice....beautiful!

Ausdrucklos said...

@Pramod : Thank you so much.Drop in regularly for more.

@Mohinee : Yay thank you :)