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August 22, 2013

Basic Method of Attaining Intangibility of Being

Get rid of condensed voices in mind.
Concentrate at the sky above you.

There is a Cosmic black velvet adorned by a singular great white drop. 
A man-like form yonder peeks through it
(He Revels in the limelight.
And in the enigma of his presence over it.)

Amber fills a faraway desert,
As Time recoils in perpetuity.
The drop melts 

and with it begins,
the unfolding of a peculiar set of events.

Take a deep breath
Prepare evacuation of bodily fluids.
Life has silently trespassed.
You are on your own now.

Just as you had come
you are gone now.

This supernal space you are in is called Essential Singularity.


Sudeshna said...

I like!
I think I'll go and check out other posts now.

Ausdrucklos said...

Hey Sudeshna, I'm glad you liked it!
If you are still here, you can check out something similar to this. I wrote it a while back.