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July 9, 2008


life is a jar with a hole,it comes out slowly,you open it and its gone forever as if it was never there,just a bleak shadow of the infinite,non-existent.present only for a blip of time.thousand strands attached to it,clutching to its bosom not letting it go,but still it leaves.like a heart broken lover cheated by none but their better half.never to return. leaving behind many lives.silent houses.lifeless faces.

Death.its a bad situation to be in.you die all of a sudden.can't see all your loved ones before going away.you can't even put your best clothes on.or spray your favorite scent.

i wish i could die like that: my choice of clothes,polished shoes,favorite perfume.i'll die the death of a happy man of earthly possessions.materialistic desires fulfilled.my face will glow with happiness. filling up death with shame and guilt for feeding the soul of such a light-heart content man to scavengers of peril.death will look so shameless and inhuman.but i know he is painful and stronger than me.I'll be the loser in the end of it.cos this happiness is just a cowardly veil to hide the fear of the presence of death.even he knows that.he is not dumb.he was smarter than Einstein that's why mr. relativity guy lost it to death.I know I'll be a miserable piece of shit after i die.always searching for happiness in money.buying what money can buy and staying away from those which it can't.i never had anything that i could take away with my in my afterlife,dust to dust,ash to ash.that's how it goes.i never took anything. i was just a minute part of bigger schemes of things.my life was nothing but one massive piss ready to evaporate.

when you walk down this earth you'll realize how much shit is growing around you.people spit on your face and say I'm just giving you some water to wash your face.people.they never stop.they never behave.they are heartless human.they pull you down when you are above them and push you even more when you are below them.they drink others' live,burn them in the name of god.the masks they wore to deceive you, to force you sell your own wife to them.their soul is auctioned on ebay and they donate their conscience in tip-boxes.

happiness.it's just a state of mind.its sort of an injection of opium to keep you away from the realty of pain.a utopic presence.the sweet rain of milk shakes which in the real picture otherwise is the outcome of god jerking off all over you, which absolutely is not a good experience.not a good experience at all.but you are rejoicing.cos you are happy.you are not ready to accept how much scum lies ahead of you.maybe you are scared.or maybe you are just a coward.a cry baby when oh-i-am-in-deep-shit situation comes.but you can't help it.its normal human instinct.they are made to wet their pants when trouble scratchs their balls.


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Monami said...

liked the one on happiness..