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August 23, 2008

Enlightenment of the Inner Conscience

It was on my first airplane trip when I saw an unusual view of what was otherwise a cyclic chore of nature. We were airborne since midnight and dawn was about to break. The excitement of crossing borders and exploring a new country and culture kept me from sleeping during the flight. Below is an account of the thoughts that stirred in my mind and the beauty that inspired it. I couldn't click a photograph that time and this is the best picture I could find over the internet.I hope it proves handy :

Do I feel like god? Lofted above the melodramatic strings playing inside the heart of millions of human lives.
City lights.I'm flying over drone mammals lost inside their lives like the slumber they are into right now.They,practically can't absorb my presence, neither can I.But what the heck. I'm above them,I can see them,feel the wind around them.This twilight,the breaking of dawn,what I see in d horizon is sheer brilliance of god.I can see it,and appreciate it.The wonderful mixture of colors.God must be a kid.Not scared of throwing different colors on his canvas.The horizon spells ablution of dark red melting into orange a little above where sky unites with land,then this exotic orange fades into a pretty light yellow.Then a thin streak of Grey of a cloud which was acting like a natural barrier between yin - yang, light and darkness, because after it, tones of blue start appearing:from a light fading blue to getting darker and finally meeting the pitch dark night which is still dominating the sky like a mighty warrior of ancient roman era.

I can still see the stars.Watch them showing their existence.Representing the presence of little good otherwise left in our petty lives overcome by our dark self.Undoubtedly the best conversation I've ever had with mother nature.I found the beauty that stays hidden from us.Only if we shed our disillusioned hypocrite life and rise above everything,above all of it that we can see the works of nature in harmony with itself still not bothered by all the ill deeds of man.

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