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October 8, 2008

lost hope

sometimes i linger upon my silence.
am i doing something i shouldn't do?
my life is entangled in a web of doubt.
its difficult to single out wrong from right.

the path i chose don't belong to me,
i don't belong to the path.
still i walk.
cos that's the way of life.
uncertain of my destination i walk.
leaving behind trails of broken faith.

my silence will speak someday.
my guilt will testify my deeds.
but I'll bear everything.
i have no other choice.

i'm lost in the solitude.
shame my only pride.
to whom i belong,
and who belongs to me
i'll ask that myself forever.
still silence will never speak.
it only speaks to tear me down.
it only speak to push my guilt deeper in me.
i know i'll drown before life is found.

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