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July 18, 2010

My Purgatory Dreams

As I walked onto the final path of redemption,
with every step a strange cold darkness felt closer.
It was a nowhere land,
somewhere in-between two strange nightmares.

Life was just a rage I had left far behind.
"No baggage of the forlorn summer", had told the doorman
before I was granted admission.
So I walked alone.
An empty figurine
On an empty land.

This was the end of the carnival,
for beyond lied everything happiness was never made of.

As soon as I had shed hope,
of finding someone on this limitless land,
as I had shed the human suit on the repentance gate,
a smudged shape walked towards me.
It stopped in front of me and stared,
with the eyes that had never seen the sun.

It was a little boy.
He had a mysterious deranged smile.
Casting that feeling upon me,
That everything good had ceased to exist.

He allowed me to examine him,
and I read his inhuman contours:
The pale white skin of his face,
had undercast the black eyes that he wore.
A blank expressionless gaze,
that innocent boy gave to me.

He took out his fragile hand
and like an obedient slave,
I held it firmly.
He turned around,
and walked forward.
And like a beast on a leash,
I followed him solemnly.

I walked the longest journey with him,
until we reached the most distant ocean
that stands on the edge of the world of living.

I followed the little boy like a drone,
into the lukewarm water,
it was here,
where all the sins dwelled.

The boy let go of me,
to go deeper within.
He asked me to follow him,
"This is the end of the road",he assured.
With that, silence folded my face,
and pulled me deeper within.

And I dissolved,
along with all the sins of a distressed past.

Extinguished - from the face of the world
Devoid - of any form of bliss.
In this citadel of pain,
I died a million deaths,
all at once.

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