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August 21, 2010

The Rising Phoenix

Exhibit A:

On the left of the tableau stand a curious bunch of bespectacled
partisans of science who took an old man and scrabbled off with their
crafty fingers and sharp instruments the skin off his body. They let
him stew under the broiling sun and after much sessions of
uninterrupted agony they customized a new wrinkle-free youthful skin
for him to wear.It was a size too perfect for him and to see a feeble
man with a pubescence glow was a sight to behold for our meek

The new-old man has become the face of a revolution and our factories
work overtime to meet up with the ever growing demand for the new
pretentious invention of our era.

This is unarguably the magnum opus of the diligent men who have been
calling it the rising phoenix.Meanwhile their feeble man whose bones
crumble under the weight of the new skin calls it the redemption of
the sins of the forgotten past.

The door on the left heads to our recreation centre where you can get everything
made to your whims.

The door on the right will take you to your ordinary life of righteousness.

It is upon our audience to choose wisely.We request you to fall on
single file as you go through the left door,we already have a lot of
people waiting for their turn.

We love meek audience,especially our proprietors.

1 comment:

August said...

I remember this one. Couldnt have been more in line to everything around us.

Like I said, such are the days. such is our plight. Sigh !