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November 15, 2010

Lily Dreams

A lily flew through the ocean blue,
It tumbled and dived
and dodged many a times
stony falls and shallow ravines.

She sees herself on the other side of the crown
Where she will attract the beauties of tinsel town.
She drove with passion
amidst many boos and frowns.

She flew under the morning sun
and took shelter under trees
when the day is done.

Accused of vanity she hid herself
from the cognizant societies
and their shrewd serpents.

Months turned into years
and the seasons changed,
as she traveled the sphere
through plagues & shouting names.

This is the day of that year we recall
when she ceased her journey
on an evening of the tender fall
for that day she reached the promised land.

She was received with celebrations and praises
and saw a curious glow on people's faces.

But it soon disappeared as a long forgotten day

for now she spends her time
behind golden gates and rusty chains.

Many a curious men came and wagged.
They saw her through gleamy eyes and focused lens
and wailed her story with sacrilege romance.

Her hopes were gone of a chastised life.
This wasn't the place where she wanted to be,
when she fought her fears
to set herself free.


Anonymous said...


i think i am going to frequent this blog often..
i love what's written here..

Ausdrucklos said...

The eternal charm of the unknown has always challenged my curiosity.there is a lot to learn and derive. The world looks different every time i try to explain it, i would try not to disappoint.

Aishwarya Kandpal said...

I went through your work.. sure needs appreciation in the fullest measure. Abstract writing can be very intriguing.. and you've picked up the right words/phrases to bring out the true nature of it. Also.. found some sort of sexual connotations in your writings. Yes, they were very fulfillin and did great justice to the theme. Interestin work. Makes a good read.

Ausdrucklos said...

I don't believe in boundaries and that's why I like writing beyond the generic meaning of a particular subject/idea.It gets easier that ways :) when u can create your own world with words.

Oh and among everything else I find love very enriching and beautiful. That's why I just can't resist myself from writing on it.

Thanks and watch out for more.

Anonymous said...

Why you do fly high mr. ausdrucklos !

p.s. - funny if only you add an 's' to your name, it would be a complete misnomer. :P

rhea chaudhary said...

i like carnal. :D