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October 6, 2010

Overdrive Records

At the beginning of the year, a friend asked me to write an article for him which he would use as a sort of an exposition for his recording studio, Overdrive Records. I was reluctant initially because I was not very familiar with that style of writing because whatever I've had written earlier was the inception of my own mind and hence, were tended and infused easily into words.Whereas, here I had to materialize someone else idea for them.

However, it didn't take me long to re-think about the whole proposition when I saw their logo, which was in its own way,delightfully beautiful.A few sittings later,I got an overview of what they want to communicate to those unaware of their beliefs and ideas.

It was essential for me to make sense throughout the introduction and include the technical details, the main theme of the article afterward.It was also a difficult task to balance their visions and include my own perspectives (which was highly influenced by 'the cube') and come out with something which would as well be captivating and possess a different character altogether.


The acceptance by the people of our great country in music as an art is increasing exponentially in present times. However it is of grave concern how it is being perceived by the society. It is worth noting that the great artists never followed the path which is being followed here. The competitive streak which is being inculcated within the youth is changing their whole perspective towards music. It is arguably healthy for artists to compete but it should not be their primary endeavor. The submission to competition has become a need. The music is lost in the rat race. The art of composing your thoughts, giving life to your visions has been ignored. The whole perspective has been distorted by the autocratic illusionary ideas of becoming a false god. We forget the simple fact that we all are but same. Music is an emotion, a way of life that is to be shared and not compete for. The problem, however, is not in our lack of competence or creativity, but in the system. We only have fistful options and regrettably we have to give our credence to the tainted methods out of choice. It is subconsciously eroding our individuality and uniqueness.

Don’t we deserve better? Are we doing justice with our talent? It’s about time we stop suppressing the reluctance. It’s about time we voice the right questions and stand for what is true. It’s about time we look inside the cube that will exhibit the intimacy of freedom and the amalgamation of finesse within the realms of music. We don’t give you a name, we give you a world to be yourself, we give you Overdrive Records.

We don’t feed the stereotype. No, we are not that kind of party. We differ to walk the line. We are the unconventional. We are the change. We are the platform of evolution: from Music school for stringed, percussive, wind, vocal training and electronic instruments from Trinity qualified teachers, to acoustically treated Jampads with state of the art soundproofing and providing facilities ranging from practice pads (generic jam pads), voice over booths, drum booths and practice stations. With the Recording Studio which will be capable of providing complete voiceover , percussive as well as stringed solutions , we ensure the artist's vision materializes optimally, from pre-production to recording, and from mixdown up to the mastering process, we offer services on the highest professional level. We do so regardless of the level you perceive yourself being on and regardless of the size of the project- Record a whole album, a demo or just some of the instruments to supplement your home-recording project. With an equipment domain ranging from Laney, Line6, Roland, Hartke, Shure, MXL, Tama, AKG, Sonor, Paiste, Meinl, Presonus, Rode, Planet Waves, Behringer, Focusrite, Allen & Heath, Mackie, Audix there will be nothing but a brief experience with the finest sound your ears can savor. Our Recording Label will offer a complete package, from CD pressing to marketing through channels like Planet M, Music World, Rolling Stones, Channel V, MTV and VH1.We guarantee to capture the musician's vision during the entire project. Being experienced musicians ourselves as well as engineers we know exactly what the recording process is about. While our team is working on a highly professional level, we, at Overdrive Records, always remind ourselves that during the recording process fun is equally as important as focus.

The beauty is inside your head. We are only the canvas.
You have the liberty to indulge inside the cube.

“The price is right,
The cost of one admission is your mind.”