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May 5, 2011

The Holy Verses

We are the unstable masters of our lives
Who try to grasp reality through a peep hole.
Staring blankly on an otherwise illusive darkness
We take a glimpse of The Primal Truth:
The world of treason fornicate lies
And eats away the righteous minds
But the Trinity smiles with the wind
For it transmutes, One I.

One I, who sees the renegades
And the malice of the land
Eating away man's judgement
of the wrong and right.

One I, dives into the bosom of The Divine Truth
Reaching for the virgin sky and the purity of manhood

One I annihilates our carnal sin.
And sanctify us as holy men
We are purged of our filth
And revel in the presence of the Divine I.

But the circle goes on loop
And the balance is struck just right
Only till the world doesn't fall apart again.
Only till holy intervention is desired again.

It is a rendition of the concept of Maya as described in the holy text, Advaita Vedanta and which has also inspired the most beautiful trilogy in hollywood cinema,The Matrix.



Anonymous said...

strong ideas!

Ausdrucklos said...

It is the idea that live on,while the man dies.

aakash said...

true.. indeed

Dr Charan Singh said...

wonderful keep writing

Dr Charan Singh said...

What a poem