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May 14, 2011

Gentle Tulip Shines

There ain't no sunshine in my eye
But a little rainbow to see me through.
Waiting for this humble overture to set in
before I explore the man within.

The ashes of this divine creation stokes the closer air
As I sat across the man who was never there.
His intangible life lay beneath the veil stretched across my face.

We were two peculiar strangers a while ago.
Now we are closer than those intimate lovers.
An unending road laid in front of us
And our kaleidoscopic desires set the mood right.
A purple vortex and an unknown tangerine sky
All this I saw through my dilated eye.

There have been visions like this before
When the spirit of time has ceased to be
And along with the physics of mortals
It had spun infinite loops.
While I stood aside pardoned of every external force.

With that liberated ease of movement
And the perpetual motion of senses
I stood at the cusp of the infinite.
Ready to burst into thousand
Unbound, Free flowing, bubbles
As I see them dancing in front of me,
travelling through the portals of time and energy at will.

Those bubbles. That man.
The limitless road and a stimulated mind.
Those were the props of an extravagant night.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you spin the wheel and enter through the mirror.
A sparkling curtain when pulled aside led you on a path like no other. Careful now ! -Did you fall from the edges and land on the daisies. Did you rush headlong and see the future. Or did you get lost and hid under the mushrooms. Tell me what its like, give me a peep. Or else take me along to see the little green men.

Ausdrucklos said...

I could spin the wheel alright. if you are willing to go on for this ride with me to this distant land of bizarre imagery Ms. August Sunshine :)