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July 23, 2011


We shall meet again
You & I.

By the quiet shores
Or maybe under the shadows,
of ancient trees and clouds.

What calls for the ocassion you enquire?
It is irrelevant to know of the reason
But of intent if you may ask,
Is to retrace the face that I once was.


SUB said...

'retrace the face that i once was'...lovely

Anonymous said...


Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you!

Aishwarya Kandpal said...

The closest that could get to reality, and truth, and angst, and emotion, all weaved into one.

The nicest ive read so far.
The closest i could relate to.

And as they say, Pain is attractive.

magiceye said...

this is beautiful!

Ausdrucklos said...

@Aishwarya: Oh a bad patch in life brings out a lot of emotions. Thank you fair lady!

Maybe that's why it's more easier to write about darkness and everything corresponding to it than light.Because you can use your own imagination to comprehend darkness. Hai na?

Ausdrucklos said...

@magiceye: thank you sire.
Hang on for more.

Astha said...

Your poetry is powerful!

Ausdrucklos said...

many thanks astha!