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February 1, 2013

Other People's Lives

Silken scent,
feathered dreams;
A buttered layer of happiness,
garnished with occasional rendezvous
to merrymaking communions.

brimming with hopes
Carnal desires, daisy dawns and
faithful summer songs.
Rainbow days,
Tender nights.

Smiling shining teeth
intentions true and neat.
Dialectical dialogue,
amongst wise old folks.
Fortuitous epiphanies
and life wild, free.

The circus of life
in other people's lives,
devoid of lies, adulteration,
inhibition and infestation.

The circus of life
in other people's lives,
Like a sweet symphony
made of pretty notes
plays on & on
and on
until the last breath is not gone.


Nuha Nasim said...

Hence, the circus of life.

Ausdrucklos said...

exactly Nuha! the circus. the carnival. the chaos, the illusion.

And we in the middle of it all.faring and sailing.

Shruti said...

Wanderlust. That's what this post makes me feel.

Nuha Nasim said...

And trying to make it through.

Ausdrucklos said...

Shruti: Wanderlust, is all i want to have too. It has satiated for a while though. I've been travelling quite lot lately. Rishikesh, Bangalore and Kinnaur were on the list! Oh yeah.

Nuha: yes. living one memory at a time. Thank you for reading this :)