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March 15, 2013

Twilight Blue

You and I
belong together,
Under the shadows of twilight blue.

Beneath the sublime folds of thin blanket,
Our intimacy create sparks,
As we hush sweet nothings
And let our desires surround us.
Flower child she was,
Her sweet aroma purged my emotions.
She caressed my happiness,
While i took refuge in her dreams
And let go of all my fears.

Our eyes hum the sweetest symphony.
As I held her in arms
And whispered in her ear
This is where i belong,
This is where my world ends.
Besides you,
Under the shadows of twilight blue.


Shruti said...

And she whispered back,
Let there be a moment of seclusion,
Let there be a moment of heightened insanity
And an escape into twilight paradise.



Ausdrucklos said...

Oh yeah. Paradise, it sure would be.
I feel good to realize that love can bring paradise down on earth from heaven, on your laps, looking at you and in love with you. At that moment you feel invincible,don't you?

Thank you for this verse, Shruteeeee :D