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April 24, 2013

Dilemma Over Perpetually Altering Identities

When we'd talk about liberation,
Why did you choose to be 
a faceless man
in a faceless crowd?

Leaving the host-face behind,
you picked up an ever-changing mask -
perpetually altering identities,
none your own.

You were away for sure
from madness and chaos
and from sycophants
who wiggle and wriggle.

But do you want to be just another grain
in a thousand grains?
Identical like sheep
an insignificant sublime memory?

Would you find peace then?
if you'd be without yourself;
if you'll be erased from existence;
a part of nobody's mind or dream?

Because aren't we feeding ourselves,
From other's memory
an image of ourselves
that distinguishes us from billion others?

Your definition of freedom and liberty
differs from mine.
I know that for sure.
I hope you explain me someday,
this liberation you talk about.