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May 5, 2013

The Woman in Red

Her tender whispers showed me a world through her eyes:
Mystical, sublime.
Her world, an empyrean elegance.
It was an unfamiliar place,
Yet she had let me in
and I'd delved in her in the past.
Explored every inch.
Of her. With her.
The beautiful dream that she was.
A girl. That lil girl.

She is a woman now.
I saw her in red that day,
wearing her mischievous smirk.
On whatever we had indulged in the past,
I remember not much
Just a mark on her breast;
Her fingers, which would weave magic
through lines, colors and tiny bubbles;

and I remember of certain days
where we would just lie under the sun,
hoping to fix each other.
Although whether we fixed anything,
I'm not too sure.

But the woman that she now is.
Is from a distant world.
Yet with her, her old bit stays.
Through her face,voice and her ways.
And through her eyes
and her old mischievous smile.

I hope she stays happy and warm,
wherever she'd be,
That girl. The lil girl.
The woman she now is.

The woman in red.


Nuha Nasim said...

You write so beautifully. Really.

Shruti said...

Aw!! Such a sweet piece.


Tanya said...

Very sensual.

Ausdrucklos said...

Oh so many admiration makes me fly so high! :D

Thank you so very much Nuha! But, it's your name that is more beautiful!
if you don't mind tell me what does it mean?

Shurteeeee! Thank you!
Oh and all the best for your exams, would these be your zindagi ke aakhri papers?
mixed feeling hogi. i know i'm wicked and rubbing it in, but i couldn't help it :p

@Tanya: yes. indeed. Those days of long-gone past used to be magical. Even the sky was bluer and brighter then. Certain things do that to you, don't they? This was written reminiscing such days and how ironically faces change with phases.

Shruti said...

Haha! I wish they were meri zindagi ke aakhri papers! I plan to study further. More exams to follow. And you know what! I get a feeling of good riddance :P

I can now go back to my dance, Deutsche, guitar, and everything else :D

Tanya said...

Absolutely. Those days were gorgeously magical. And there is nothing that you forget or stop missing. The way they said your name, the songs they liked to sing, the contours of their face(even if they change). Everything.

Nuha Nasim said...

My bad. I saw that late. As far as I know, my name means memory. It's an Arabic word, I suppose. :)