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August 2, 2015


It was the secret in her eyes that I could never derive.
Derided and disregarded.
But I couldn't twitch a brow.
I was a mute watcher.
As I saw her and everything else burn to flames.

But was I juvenile?
For I didn't see it coming,
until it charred everything.

She trembled, she got swayed
"It's not the right way forward", I said.
But as usual, she did what her heart told her
As she dragged me along.
"The bus will be here shortly
hop in, never look back", said she.

"You will come with me won't you?" I asked.
Her silence couldn't keep the tears from cheating her eyes.
"My heart lies with you!" protested I,
"And the world is too big right now.
let me grow my feet a bit here.
I'll go away when my time would be near."

"Don't let emotions fool you", she said
"There isn't much to do now,
your work is done here.
Pack your memories,
and tuck them neatly somewhere inside your head".

"Run away from this house of burning ire
Because it is bound to fall soon.
Forget me like you've forgotten all your estranged lovers.
And hope we meet some other day,
in some other world.
Where there won't be a house,
or a name,
and a responsibility of keeping it".

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