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August 2, 2015

Rape Nation

Yet again the Phallus has risen
In bestial proportions
To reclaim the throne
And to remind its benefactors
The oath that led to an understanding
Between The Instrument 
and the one who inherits it-
The oath to rule the Virgin Hole;
The oath to skew clarity of many.

For the key to unholy secrets
Dangles between fingers and legs
of those who write the future, present and past
for the rest of the lot.

Through millennia of mind control
the Phallus and his inheritors
have bind her with the decree of ownership
of the Virgin Hole
for she is a chaste soul; 
the one who strayed; slaved;
she is the virgin; the temptress;
she could be corrupted;
yet she could corrupt.

she is the charmer;
face that launched a thousand ships;
adulteress; the one who turned to stone;
she-devil; witch; slut; whore; 
she who gives into temptations easily; the immoral bitch!

she must be forced to believe and give in
to the existence of the decree 
of the rightful ownership by Phallus 
of the Virgin Hole, as the final law 
that exist anywhere over the land of the earth.

if she resist,let she be conditioned until she becomes righteous again
if she resist still;
she must be ostracised from the fold
and if she resist Still;
she must be sent back into land from where she came once
with others like her, whose unholy blood still reeks from all of our hands.

For this is the everlasting truth;
truth that have been the same since the birth of civilisation;
truth that doesn’t seem to change.

and here I stand at the cusp of human capability
the so called modern man; the king of the earth
ever so persistently exploring the universe
the most intelligent organism yet known;
yet my hands reek of cold blood
yet the Phallus controls me

So am I really who I think of myself to be-
Civilised and Free?

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