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April 26, 2011

Whatever your heart desires

They walked on unparallel directions,
Of greed and repentance.
He the deluded

Two sad souls,
on an unknown boat
Over the ageless ocean
Inseparable but falling apart

They scarred each other's faces
To etch a smile
To make believe of happiness
That never happened.

They'd tear each other
He, with those crafty lies
She, with her darks

They knew the sun would not shine forever
The darker night will kiss their fear.

They knew the master would have the last laugh.

Feared by their ancient mistakes,
They dived into the void,
And swam towards unspoken polarities.

Alike, but now intolerant of each other,
They scaled different worlds.
To wear another face.
To be somebody else.

To be whatever their heart desired.


SUB said...


Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you so much SUB,
thank you for your admiration

Paulami said...

beautiful it is..

"He the deluded


"He, with those crafty lies
She, with her darks"

stand apart

Ausdrucklos said...

Many thanks paulmi

Sreyoshi Dey said...

Brilliant expression :)

Defiant Princess said...

i wish i could say more, but all I can say is beautiful poetry, loved it :)

Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you sreyoshi and princess :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful imagery and a near synaesthetic experience i must say..........but i would
like to point out a couple of contradictions all the same(atleast they are in my opinion)..........firstly a person can't be deluded and repentant at the same time.......it is only after the delusions have gone that the guilt/repentance kicks in........secondly according to me the two people involved only had a semblance of likeness and were never truly alike cause as soon as circumstances and situations caught up to their friendship/relationship it is as if they didn't embrace the polarities but they were the polarities themselves and their personalities were so different that the masks they supposedly wore when all the bitterness set in were not masks but a manifestation of their true personalities and the masks were not whatever their heart desired but natural progression from the shadow semblance/likeness.

Deepti said...

I loved this.:)

Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you for your reply the anonymous you. I get really excited when someone comes up with an interpretation of my work!

I,however,had something else in my mind when I wrote this.For instance,I'd like to point out that in those starting lines I was talking about two different personalities. "He" was greedy of something which ruined a lot within himself and made him deluded or dishonest to her and she was repentant of an ancient past. Maybe I'm unequipped to express a whole lifetime lived by them in these few lines but I can reassure you that these would just be a few leaves of grass from the garden of Eden that was once there. Maybe that is why your opinions differ. Although this is a semi work of fiction and a lot about the character "He" can be recognized from someone close to me. But "she" is somebody created out of the greys of mind to compliment him. To complete his own imperfections.

In the closing lines,the face they'd wear might just eventually become their natural self and the past would just become a sweet memory and nothing more. That is how the scheme works. Because no two humans are alike. We tend to change a lil bit of ourselves permanently to be with someone else.

I hope Im able to put across a satisfactory description about how I see this through my own eyes.Otherwise you can write to me at ausdrucklos@gmail.com and we can discuss this with ease.

Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you Deepti!

Aishwarya Kandpal said...

How two people who've shared a lifetime togtether can still travel together despite all odds, knowing that their paths are divided but destination's the same. They strive to make it work, to make em last a joyful future, to fight the hardy waves of the sea of fate and circumstance and still srive for a win that'll make their souls cross an eternity. But situations change and so do minds. The souls remain the same, however. One might mask his face for a temporary bit, but nothing can prevent the true self from spilling and the face being unmasked when forked roads come together to form a single strip, all over again.

An eternity wont be enough to fulfill this.

And this happens, we part to meet. We might become something today, but in the pit of our hearts, our soul remains untouched. Unmasked. Virgin. And for good times' sake, we do put our souls on to relive a happy past that had promised us the riches and bounties of love.

And yes, i love this part of your comment here,
"Because no two humans are alike. We tend to change a lil bit of ourselves permanently to be with someone else."

Good work. :)

Ausdrucklos said...

Oh you've described it so nicely Aishwheee. And yes those lines hold good. Thank you so much for all the appreciation woman!