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April 6, 2011

Classroom Woes

Here i sit by the classroom door.
A torn paper and a monochrome board
I look at them with doubt and contempt
Theories written and wisdom spent

But all this has no use for me
For my world lies beyond the classroom walls
Out in open fields and silver stars.

Still the law of man i abide,
I spend my day here under blight
By the classroom door
Facing the monochrome board


PsycheBubbles said...

Very interestingly put together! Nice! :)

Tinker Tank said...

Awesome.. "monochrome board" and"theories written and wisdom spent"

That was awesome.. thumbs up!!

Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you psyche and aditya :D

SUB said...

that is a nice post!


Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you very much SUB!

Defiant Princess said...

interesting ;)

Reading your blog for the first time.. like it and follow now!

Defiant Princess

sibi said...

Flying beyond the classroom doors. Good one.

Apeetha Ravi said...

your writing is so crisp. Loved the "monochrome" and "theories written and wisdom spent".

Apeetha Ravi said...

ok. I just saw, Tinker Tank has mentioned it too!

Ausdrucklos said...

Oh the ideas bloom :)

thank you for the appreciation,all,
for it comes from the finest writers in the joint :D

Happy writing to all!

Paulami said...

you remind me of me at times

Ausdrucklos said...

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me