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April 16, 2011

Redemption Tonight

The oceanic moon blooms
The souls would be set free tonight
Said the jail man

They rest in the labyrinth of a wise man's mind
Are they being redeemed of mortal apprentice
Or are they being absolved of wilderness?

Whatever it shall be
They'd be judged tonight.


Aditya Prakash Garg said...

Dude..I am slowly and slowly becoming ur fan..Ur words are so expressive.. i see a scene come alive..Keep on doing that..i am expecting a lot more from you :)

Anonymous said...

hello delinquent
that's like cool

Ausdrucklos said...

Those were too big a word for me,thanks Aditya,enjoy your stay here :)

thank you, the moon child :)

Paulami said...

reminded me of Borges in peices

Ausdrucklos said...

Forgive me of my ignorance,
I'd read him for sure.

Thanks for your admiration Paulami