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October 2, 2011

Death I'm

Have you seen that ocean? Those tides swept me to the shore. You might find it strange but I've been stranded here since a little more than forever. I don't know the exact date when I stepped on this place, things don't stay in my head anymore, I agree. It's been quite some time now for sure though. Along with forgetfulness, my clarity and sense of perception have mellowed with age as well. However, this wheel of time has overlooked my physical demeanor. And I always feel overburdened with my own weight. Trapped inside a young body, I'm an old man with a dying heart.

But I'm somehow able to withhold my sense of smell. And believe in my little button-nose if you can, the air here smells like grief; of unwarranted dreams. It has often clustered my power of realization. That might be the reason why I'm stranded here. On this forgotten island infested with bizarre creatures.

By the divisions drawn on sand,these creatures had trapped me inside their skewed mind. Imprisoned in this maze, I vaguely remember that moment when I had gotten carried away- The madness of life had forced me to choose a simpler route, what now I call The Smart Man's Method. That was the last time I ever felt human happiness. Light relapsed and sound escaped to never come back that day. The world has been drawing towards chaos ever since.

What's that you said?

I highly doubt. Do you actually believe that I'll be granted salvation? The Smart Man's Method leads to this place only. Do you really expect there's redemption? Or existence of any other world except this for that matter? I'm highly skeptical on that matter. But would you really trust the words of a faceless man? Or has my forked tongue really slithered through your ears?

Why don't you rather decide the right path on your own? Wouldn't that be great fun? Why don't you choose The Smart Man's Method? Maybe you'll be able to find out yourself whatever there is in store for you. I anyway need someone quite like you to take my place. Give it a deep thought.

Remember where to seek for me if you have any form of doubts about this place. The doors of my kingdom are always open for those who are betrayed by the Truth and ugliness of life. Like I once was.

I'll be more than pleased to give you my audience.


Aishwarya Kandpal said...

I read it.
And i read it again.
Only to read it all over again.

Its a fine write up. At some point, you actually realise the braggy illusion that life is, but that also makes you want to risk living it. Chances are, you'll choose Death, and Life will choose you.

And oh, button nose. Button noses are perfect for capturing smells, you know :)

If only you could get a direct reference of sth in your writings, a certain specific person/place/event/ etc, your vagaries would perhaps lessen. Otherwise, this makes a universal read, nonetheless.


Ausdrucklos said...

It's about how easily people are lured by the advocates of death. It's about how easily a man can just end his life.

Oh btw I'd like to know more about the art of capturing smells from you.