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October 16, 2011

The Infliktor

The blanket of darkness was being sliced open
I could feel the voice of the wind talking to me.
Asking me if I was certain about the decision.
I solemnly nodded my head
Everything was scripted already
I was sternly directed to perform the ritual
It was for the greater good they would say
And I can't raise my objections
My contract doesn't allow me to.

The leash of the wheels of the motor
And those lights that created shadows
Were held firmly by my driver
Stranger to the events
and the horror
that awaits ahead of him.

I could see dark figures
Chasing us, surrounding us
Trying to break into my body.
I could realize my clarity shaking,
I could feel them succeeding.
Because the voices were closing in
Dissolving into my conscience
Becoming more of me
than I myself am.

The milky white moon was about to hide
behind clouds and grace
For the saga that was about to unfold
Doesn't have witnesses.
The only audience is
The Inflicter
And The Receptor.
Not even silence knows
nothing about it.

I opened my bag.
And took out a violent force
Smeared with proofs of the past
Dripping in lives
that have already been silenced by it
And still wanting eagerly to draw more.

I knew where to strike.
And how to.
I felt myself holding it.
It was an evil force
And it was my obedient servant.

I lifted my tool
and with it
I lifted the mask
off my evil being:
The most bizarre nightmares
flashed in front of me
They felt more real
than anything else
that I've ever experienced.
And an enthralling sensation
ran through my body
As i struck a fearful blow
To break the monotone.
To disrupt the order.

Its this feeling,
That craves me
to perform this act,
of brutality
Every once in a while.
It's this art
That I'm certain
to have proficiency in.
It's this ability
That I'm the master of.

Maybe that's why I was chosen
from everybody else
Who resides within me
who wants to become me.

I walked away from the scene of crime
Taking away the existence of someone
Into the folds of darkness
To disappear.
To seek another game.
But am I really to blame
For this outburst?
Because Im just a puppet
guided by the master
Who lives inside my shadow
Or am I the one living in his?
Could I ever find that out?
Can you help me discover the answers?
Maybe you'd know better.
Maybe you could clear the dilemma.

So wouldn't it be nice
if you could pay me a visit sometime?
Inside those dark alleys
Under the shadows of night
When the white moon shall hide
behind clouds and grace.


Arunabh Sharma said...

A Schizophrenic Assassin

Shreya said...

In lieu of something intelligent to say:

TheBluntBlogger said...

I felt so many emotions in the verse....so many unanswered questions to the almighty, reminded me of Back To Black by Amy Winehouse in first and second para....later I could sense...very dark intensity..something like raping the soul...

Very well written must say....and pardon me for my dark interpretation of the verse... :)

Ausdrucklos said...

@Arunabh : I know man. It's beyond imagination to understand the complexity of a schizophrenic mind.

@Shreya : Thank you mumbai ki ladki!
I recently read a post on ur blog.the thud. i have felt something similar at times.it was scary and real at the same time.

Thanks for dropping here.

@Blunt: Oh you are free to interpret it whichever way u want for it is what excites me more: interpretations. They are vivid. And insightful.

Im glad you liked it.

Shruti said...

Strong. Glad I read it tonight.

Ausdrucklos said...

Thank you Shruti. Does tonight hold significance?

Shruti said...

Oh yes. It was a BIG day today. I had an interview for an international internship today.

So last night was Important. And your piece helped. Thank you :-)

Ausdrucklos said...

I wonder out of all the posts, how did this one help you in the interview.

I hope you didn't 'inflict' your point of view too strongly on your interviewer :p
pj maaf.

Anyway It gives me a nice feeling to know that something that i wrote helped somebody in some way for something important :) yay!

Ausdrucklos said...

Oh and all the best for the result. Do let me know.
I'll get a reason to treat myself :D

Shruti said...

Haha. I have a weird choice of motivation things :D

Oh the interview was good. I should hopefully get the internship :-)
So ready for a treat, eh? :P