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October 3, 2011

An Unwashed Manifesto

It has been born.
The variant faces
inscribed on the minds of our generation.
A reality augmented on our beliefs
and on our dreams.

It is the want of freedom.
It is born now.
Would it die? It can't.
It is not its prerogative to make.

The age long agony awaits to be channelled now.
Devise the path fellow dreamer
and put your best foot forward.
For we see another future.
A future we control;
a future where we shall hold
the power of decision.


Shruti said...

It goes so metaphorically in sync with your blog background, for some strange reason.

I like it. And I like the fact that I am reading some really interesting work lately.

P.S: Thanks for dropping by mine.

Shruti said...

Also, I love the url.

Ausdrucklos said...

Yes the background certainly reflects an aftertaste of a revolution hai na?
I revamped my blog recently :D

And the url speaks a story of itself
It makes my mind wander,
to discover a lot of truths and unsaid thoughts.

Explore! You might find something else to stimulate your imagination.

Shruti said...

It does echo a revolution :D

I like your space. I can relate to it. :-)